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Donor Connect Mission

Donor Connect LLC is the inception of face-to-face fundraising in conjunction with non-profit organizations--CONNECTING VISIONARIES WITH OPPORTUNITIES. Founded in 2018 by two lifetime fundraisers, our passion and ability to make true human connections is the driving force behind a new age of fundraising.

With 17 years of combined experience as professional fundraising leaders, our two founding members have brought that experience and tailored it exclusively to face-to face fundraising.




As a partner with Donor Connect LLC, your Organization can expect the best quality on the market. 

How do we define quality? We believe in a “Charity First” mentality. This is not just a message, it is our identity. Our promise is to deliver committed, sustainable donors. Our training, company structures and proven track records all guarantee a sustainable result for our Charity Clients. With this successful approach, we provide the best in-person branding for our Charity Clients. 


We believe that the workplace should bring joy and solidity to all team members. When joining the team, you can expect to become part of a vibrant and progressive culture, where our voice is the most powerful tool for social change.


James Hamilton

Director of Business Development


Coming from a background in marketing and sports management, James recognized his passion for social change, leading to his shift into the non-profit realm. James’s 8 year’s experience in Face-to-Face Fundraising has led him to become one of the founding members of Donor Connect.

Cody Shear

Director of Field Operations


Coming from an eclectic background including an emphasis on music and writing, Cody found his true passion in the art of human connection. Cody’s 7 year’s experience in Face-to-Face Fundraising has led him to become one of the founding members of Donor Connect.

Beth Chambers

Team Leader


Coming from the United States Marine Corps, Beth has committed herself towards social justice and environmental conservation. Beth's 3 year's experience in Face-to-Face fundraising has given her the opportunity to share her love for human connection and to empower others to create positive change in the world.

Jade Kilburn

Site Leader


Coming from the English countryside, all of Jade's energy in life comes from children, animals and art. After 8 years in the NYC film industry, Jade moved across the country and joined the Donor Connect family with a simple but vital motto- to make a positive impact for the world we all live on.